That’s right, the originators of the INTERACTIVE pro wrestling talk show are back with their new podcasts on BlogTalkRadio.com!

In 1996 John House & Phil Varlese founded the worlds first live interactive online Pro Wrestling radio show, known then collectively as the Wrestling Guys. During that time, John and Phil interviewed some of the biggest names in Pro Wrestling both mainstream and legends. Names like Bruno Sammartino, Gordon Solie, Iron Sheik, Nikolia Volkoff, Ivan Koloff, Tito Santana, One Man Gang, Droz, Prince Albert, Public Enemy, Sandman, ECW Founder Tod Gordon, Honky Tonk Man, George the Animal Steele and more……In fact, House and Varlese were one of the first national talk shows to interview the UFC’s Dana White, literally days after his parent company the Zuffa Group purchased the company.

In 1998, John House received his first big break with the Outlaws of Wrestling at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic city, where he managed ECW’s Pitbulls vs The Public Enemy. House a relatively unknown talent at the time seize his opportunity on a weekend full of events that included: WWE stars, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chyna, Jeff Jarret, Big Show, and Triple H.

House, continued to participate in small regional shows until June of 2000 when House was contacted and hired by Combat Zone Wrestling to sign on as the new color commentator. House has traveled the world as an announcer. In 2005 House resigned his position in Combat Zone Wrestling.

In 2006, House was contacted by Johnny Kashmere and ECW founder Tod Gordon. Gordon signed House on as an event coordinator, instructor and color commentator for his new company Pro Wrestling Unplugged. During his time with PWU, House called matches along side some of the biggest names in the business: Larry Zbysco, Diamond Dallas Page, The Pitbull, Too Cold Scorpio, Tod Gordon and WWE Hall of Famer Sunny.. In 2009 at the completion of his contract, House opted not to re-sign with PWU and is now semi retired.

House, although semi-retired is still involved in the Pro Wrestling community… House, one of the founders of Hybrid Entertainment Television an online video streaming platform catering to wrestling fans around the world. House, currently writes articles for Rumble Magazine in Australia and works closely with the award winning Monday Night Mayhem radio show at www.MondayNightMayhem.com.

Phil Varlese, John House’s radio talk show partner, has a degree in Business Administration (marketing) as well as completing the paralegal course of studies from Montclair State University. Their talk show, completely devoted to pro wrestling, was the first of its kind, and their original website, which provided up to the minute pro wrestling news and interactive media, was receiving well over 22,000 hits on their website daily.

After House left to work with Combat Zone Wrestling, Varlese took  the talk show to a more serious level, and began to do more of what is now known today as the shoot interview, where workers in the wrestling business step out of their character to discuss their careers in an honest and frank manner.  Along with his new partner Michael Tuffer, they began to interview many other wrestlers and promoters, including the Legion of Doom’s Road Warrior Hawk, Kid Kash, Terry Taylor, and more of the top stars on the independent pro wrestling scene

The Outlaws of Wrestling debuted their first show at the Tropicana Casino in 1999, and ran shows to crowds of 1000 plus fans until 2001, when Varlese left the business to get married, and devote more time to his family.

That hiatus was temporary, because in early 2007 he formed Force One Pro Wrestling, a combination of both wrestling training center and promotion that produced wrestling shows in the Jersey Shore area. Their high quality shows drew fans from the tri-state area, who flocked to see wrestling stars that were trained in their facility. Their reputation was so good that Comcast ran a special on their school and promotion in 2008. Force One also became affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and most prestigious pro wrestling organization in the US. In 2009 that company was sold, and a year later Varlese, along with partners Tommy Cairo and Fred Richards, formed a new company called Power Sports Productions, and run shows under the NWA Coastal banner.

Now, these two have returned with a new show, a new format, but the same enthusiasm and knowledge that they brought to the business when they started in 1996!

More details to follow soon!

In the meantime, we’ll be posting some wrestling news almost daily, keeping you informed and up to date with what’s going on in the pro wrestling world!

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