DJ Hyde!!

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Fresh off of our interview with Blk Jeez, The Wrestling Guys were preparing to interview CZW promoter DJ Hyde, focusing on his recent trip to Japan.

Then the bombshell hit.  CZW issued the following press release: – CZW is announcing that CZW, LLC and Pancoast Productions, Inc. have agreed to terminate their business relationship. Pancoast Productions, Inc. was the parent company of our preferred DVD and iPPV vendor, HybridEnt.TV. Pancoast Productions, Inc. and HybridEnt.TV should be contacted directly with questions regarding the status of orders made through them. This separation has caused CZW to cancel the ‘Ultraviolent Underground’ event scheduled for February 2, as this iPPV was to be streamed exclusively on HybridEnt.TV. According to CZW Vice President Maven Bentley, “CZW will miss the dedication brought to all projects by the Pancoast Productions, Inc. team and wish them well in their future ventures.” will continue to have vendors linked that carry CZW products so our loyal followers may continue to get their fix of ultraviolence. As CZW enters into its fourteenth anniversary on Saturday, February 9, many changes will be coming to the Combat Zone. Bentley added, “as we evolve into our next phase, we ensure fans our in ring action will remain LIKE NOTHING ELSE!.” All energies are focused on CZW ’14’, the fourteenth anniversary event, on Saturday, February 9, 2013, in a deadly doubleheader with Women Superstars Uncensored. WSU begins at 4 pm, CZW at 7:30 pm.

So, the focus of the interview became the recent news concerning the cancellation of the “Ultraviolent Underground” event, and why the long standing relationship between CZW and Hybrid EntTV was ending.  This is an epic interview not only for CZW fans, but for fans who want a better understanding of the behind the scenes part of the pro wrestling business.

Listen in NOW to our latest 30 Minute Radio Podcast!

Blk Jeez!

Rahad Cameron in TNA, Jared Wachtler in the WWE, formerly known as Sabian, Blk Jeez is a seasoned veteran whose resume is one that most wrestlers wish they could have.

In this interview with Wrestling Guys co-host John House, Blk Jeez discusses his career, his time at CZW & Chikara, his appearance working Ryback on RAW, right up to his most recent appearance (with Anthony Nese) in a tag team match on the “One Night Only” TNA pay per view.

Listen in to this great interview!

Tommy Taylor!!!

Tommy Taylor

Fresh off a weekend wrestling show that has created the phrase “Steelhorsing”, and made it one of the top trends worldwide on Twitter, one half of that match appeared on 30 Minute Radio with The Wrestling Guys.

John & Phil were lucky enough to spend some time with Tommy Taylor.  Tommy talks about his career and his time as a WWE developmental wrestler, but the bulk of the interview is spent discussing his match this past weekend in Sanford, Florida against NY born wrestler SteelHorse Vachon.  All the details of that evening are covered, including the atmosphere in the locker both before and after their match, exactly when things got out of hand, and the sequence of events after the match.

We even asked Tommy if he would consider a rematch against Vachon!

Ricky Reyes!


In the latest 30 Minute Radio Podcast, The Wrestling Guys sit in with International star Ricky Reyes, to cover a variety of subjects, including his time as head trainer at the Victory Pro Wrestling School, working for the WWE on the RAW & Smackdown shows this past year, working Ryback, his upcoming NXT tryout, and his time as Junior Heavyweight Champion for Carlos Colon‘s WWC.  Ricky even gets a good laugh as John and Phil talk with him about “SteelHorsing”, and his own feelings about it.

Steve O’Neil of Extreme Rising!


Steve O’Neil, part of the force behind the up and coming Extreme Rising promotion, sat down with John & Phil on 30 Minute Radio to discuss why they’ve had success resurrecting the Extreme brand while others have failed, how they’re attempting to get their exciting product on television (with help from the fans), and what it’s like working with 2 workers that have an EXTREME dislike for each other (Luke Hawx & Shane Douglas).

Steve also discusses their upcoming events in April (link to their website above), whether they’d consider bringing back Justin Credible after his rehab, and many other topics and other things going on in Extreme.

Help get EXTREME RISING on TV.  Click here to find out how!


In Your House With The Wrestling Guys!

While we’re still working to re-schedule our interview with former WWE Intercontinental Champion John Morrison, The Wrestling Guys sat down today to discuss some current pro wrestling topics, from the recent TNA Pay Per View, to The Shield, Adam Cole, and indy wrestling on television.  Some good discussion here, listen on the way to work, or at lunch on your smart phone!!


“Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee!!

Amy Lee

One of the FIRST guests to appear on the original Wrestling Guys radio/internet show back in the mid 90’s was none other than “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee, and she’s back on with John & Phil for this podcast for the first time in almost 11 years!

Amy’s career is legendary on the indy circuit.  She was the only person other than Missy Hyatt to manage the late Eddie Gilbert.  As a wrestler, she has held the following:  NWL Ladies Champ; Dangerous Women Of Wrestling Champ; Women Of Extreme Champ; NWS Ladies Champ; WSU Tag Champ (w/Taylor Wilde); 2009 WXW-C4 Empress of the Ring.  She has traveled the entire country, and has had successful matches against virtually every name in the business.  She retired recently, but has a VERY successful career outside of the pro wrestling business.

Amy spends time talking about her career, especially her time at Women’s Extreme Wrestling as well as WSU.  She comments on what’s gone on at WSU since the new owners have taken over, and about womens wrestling in general.  Then, near the end of the interview, she dropped a bombshell by announcing that she’s returning to the ring just ONE MORE TIME, and you’ll never guess against who??

Listen in, and find out on 30 Minute Radio, with The Wrestling Guys!


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